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Creativity In Crisis

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Create amid social awakening and global pandemic

How do we create amid social awakening and global pandemic?

When it seems from moment to moment, there is more bad news. When it seems the world itself is turning faster and faster and every one collectively realizes they are somehow behind the curve. When your life's work becomes the exact thing that either enables you to survive or expedites you to succumb. How do we create amid social awakening and global pandemic?

If COVID19 wasn't bad enough, the world was once again rocked by the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and unfortunately many others. This can be a depressing time for anyone who is paying the slightest attention. Many Creatives thrive in chaos. They can absorb and create masterpieces through a process of living expression. Admittedly, it's a gift I have not yet acquired and admire greatly. However, for creatives such as myself, who are not so easily persuaded, who creative through a process of trial and error, push and pull --we require allocated time and space to build upon our work. Indeed there are those of us whose life's work will take a lifetime to reveal itself. Others life's work may never be known let alone appreciated, yet it is a part of creation.

Maintaining creativity in crisis

Find time every day to meditate on life and your connections (or lack thereof) to it.

Yesterday, I read a few pages from Tina Turner: My Love Story, and then I just sat there quietly, letting my mind run, walk, or just stand still. I read to quiet my thoughts and stretch my mind. Today I went for a walk then a swim. You don't need much to meditate. All you need is a quiet space to be alone with your higher self and your Higher Power.

Creativity is vision.

Creativity is vision. Your goal is to meditate and to find at least one place of clear vision. This place is familiar and we visit it daily. We visit daily because it is like the water we drink daily. Some like to sip the water, others like to splash in it. Regardless, we all need a deep and fond connection to the water. Via mediation, we use creativity to explore and reach the waters of our higher self and our Higher Power.

Meditate daily for maximum results. Make it a part of your day, the same way you eat or go to the bathroom. Meditate daily no less than once a day and as often as you need to.

Try it for 30 days and let me know how it went.

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