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3 Tips for Creatives During COVID19 Quarentine

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Have you been like me? Having bursts of brilliance followed by a blank? During quarantine, I've been re-learning how to channel that creative energy. I'll admit, it's easier said then done but if we practice these 3 tips, I promise we'll see the progress we're looking for.

Here are three tips to help get your creative juices flowing:

Number 1: Go for a walk.

You probably weren't expecting this to be at the top of the list. If you only knew how much of a disservice you are doing to yourself (and others) when you lack regular exercise. If it's at all possible, go for a walk within the first hour of waking up. I'll come back later and give some scientific support but for now, trust me. A walk will lighten your mind and charge your body for activity of any kind.

Number 2: Set aside time to read and write everyday.

This is one that you probably already knew. It's here to remind you be relentless at adhering to daily reading and writing. You can't improve if you don't practice--everyday! If I could jump off this page and choke anyone who thinks differently, I would.

Number 3: Meditate.

I also like to call this processing. When we meditate, we reflect on recent and past events. We also perceive the future when we mediate. Meditation also provides an opportunity to slow down and come full circle with ideas and issues. This is helpful not only in the creative process but also when major life choices need to be made. We make better choices and fewer mistakes when we slow down, meditate and process. Meditate in the quietest space you can find for 1 hour a day. To help connect, light a candle. I prefer quiet but if I need a change, a little jazz does the trick.

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